• Are your soaps natural?

    We have both 100% Natural and 98% Natural soaps.  98% Natural soaps contain a small amount of fragrance oil, which is synthetic, to create a stronger aroma for those who prefer that.  The 100% Natural soaps contain essential oils only and rely on them to provide the scent.

  • Do you make all your own products?

    Yes.  All our products soap and skin care products are 100% handmade, exclusively, by us.  The only item we do not hand make is the shave brushes.

  • My soap doesn't last very long; why?

    Our soaps do not contain chemical hardeners.  They rely on the natural properties of the base oils to provide their hardness. Do not leave your soaps standing in water as they will quickly deteriorate.  Check out our cedar soap decks.  They keep your soap out of water and drain very well, unlike a soap dish. A soap deck will actually double the life of your soap!

  • What soap would you recommend?

    We love all of our soaps!  It really depends on what the individual is looking for in a soap.  We design our recipes based on the properties of the ingredients to help your skin as well as look and smell great.  All soaps are gentle enough for your face as well as your body, even our shampoo bar!  If you have more specific questions, please forward them to us.